Thursday, August 1, 2013

Product Design... My thoughts

As a "blogger", and as an engineering and creative arts student, I really think quite a lot about product design.  Everything, from my phone, to my clothes, to my pen or pencil, I'm constantly analyzing, determining the features, and thinking up what would make it better.  All of this takes up a lot of space in my head, so I scrap most of it, and just take things as they are.

But there are some ideas, some that in my opinion are innovative, and would make a better product, that I write down.  I've been writing down ideas since I got my first Rite in the rain 4x6 notebook about two years ago.  I've now filled that up, and am almost done with filling up a third, with all these ideas in my head, that would otherwise just go on, and float.

I blogged today, to start to show the world my ideas.  I think Im going to do a once weekly product design post, where I showcase my favorite idea from the week,  Today Im going to start with my idea for the most versatile hoodie I can think of
It could be Merino wool, Fleece, softshell or Hardshell.  Its basically a ranger hoodie, without a zipper.  Its got all the cool little pockets and stuff you'd expect, while still being low profile and high speed.  I think that with a bit of editing this could be a great product.  I'll add more as the design develops


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